holy yoga


Let’s flow

Welcome to Eden House Yoga - I'm glad you're here. My passion for the physical movements of yoga (asanas) began in 2015 while coaching gymnastics and I've been developing my personal practice both skill and knowledge ever since. In my personal practice, you can usually find me flowing Vinyasa style, with lots of focus on inversions (my favorites.)

The art of yoga carries with it so many incredible benefits for the whole being, including but not limited to:

  • increased flexibility;

  • increased muscle strength and tone;

  • relief from irritating and/or chronic pain (back, neck, shoulders, hips, etc.)

  • improved respiration, energy and vitality;

  • maintaining a balanced metabolism;

  • weight reduction;

  • cardio and circulatory health;

  • improved athletic performance;

  • decreased stress, anxiety/depression relief;

  • reduced inflammation;

  • improved heart health;

  • increased sleep quality;

  • improved sexual function;

  • and protection from injury.

I am passionate about the benefits that yoga offers, and wellness it can bring to our entire body. I believe that our bodies give glory to the Creator; and that exercising of the body does not have to be “exercised” in vain pursuit, but instead can serve a bigger purpose. When I'm on my mat, or teaching a class, I seek to marry the physical movements (asanas) to an intentional spiritual heart posture, that is surrendered and open to communion with the Breath of Life - Abba, Father. 

Eden House Yoga is a space designed to invite us into that Breath of Life, knowing that it's the only place we find true delight, peace, and wholeness. The. Only. Place. We can so easily spend tireless years of our lives trying to earn just a taste of wholeness, rest, happiness, freedom, acceptance, forgiveness, love, etc., without ever realizing we've already got a seat at the table called WHOLE, FREE, ACCEPTED, FORGIVEN, BELOVED.

I'm convinced life is lived fully when seated at His table in communion with Him. Communion is a perpetual attitude and posture of the heart that seeks to be present in Him, knowing that no place is any closer to God than the place I am at this moment. It's less about doing - more about being. 

I love community and would be thrilled to have you join me on this beautiful journey into the heart of God through the art of yoga. Let's go!

xo, liv


Spring Series

Join me this spring for an Eden House Journey of strength, stillness, and serenity. This is a 12 week series with classes held once per week. Each class will be centered on receiving more of God together in body + soul + spirit, while immersed in body movement and breath awareness. Movements are creatively sequenced by Liv to set a mood and bring intentional awareness and power to specific areas of body. The flows are Vinyasa style and tailored for beginners, but will still bring a dose of healthy challenge for those who feel their skills are intermediate or advanced. You'll find I begin each experience laying the spiritual ground work [meditation + breath] for the rest of the practice. From there, I will safely lead you into a dynamic sequence of poses, coordinating slow strengthening movements with intentional breath. Plan to breeze into summer with a fresh look, both inner and outer. Get ALL the details and sign up below.

  • Every Thursday starting March 14th, 2019 through May 30th, 2019.

  • WOMEN only!

  • 2981 Bomar Road. Douglasville, GA 30134

  • 11am-12pm

  • Coffee + tea will be served at 10:45am. Come early to grab a cup, save your space, and join in community.

  • Bring your own mat and water bottle.

  • $10 Single Class

  • OR $99 Season Pass (12 Classes) - season pass unavailable after March 31st.