yoga (beginner + intermediate)


yoga (beginner + intermediate)

15.00 35.00

60 minute private + individualized yoga session with Liv.

Any and all skill levels welcome. Session is tailored to the clients needs/desires. Price is good for up to 2 individuals. Bring your partner, friend, or furry companion.

The art of yoga carries with it so many incredible benefits for the whole being, including but not limited to:

  • increased flexibility;

  • increased muscle strength and tone;

  • relief from irritating and/or chronic pain (back, neck, shoulders, hips, etc.)

  • improved respiration, energy and vitality;

  • maintaining a balanced metabolism;

  • weight reduction;

  • cardio and circulatory health;

  • improved athletic performance;

  • decreased stress, anxiety/depression relief;

  • reduced inflammation;

  • improved heart health;

  • increased sleep quality;

  • improved sexual function;

  • and protection from injury.

I teach most of my spring, summer, and fall sessions under the sky, so you can get all the yummy sun benefits. (If that’s not your thing, I teach indoor as well.) Location is up to you!

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