prenatal yoga


prenatal yoga

15.00 40.00

60 Minute Private Session with Liv with intentional focus on mother + baby.

Session is individually tailored to specific trimesters and skill levels. So if you’ve been thinking, “man, I’d like to give yoga a try,” maybe your care provider suggested it, or you are just realllllllly flipping uncomfortable, hop on board. Prenatal yoga is good for so many things:

  • relieving aches and pains(sciatic, pubic, back, hip, etc.)

  • encouraging optimal fetal positioning

  • promoting positivity and clarity

  • strengthening the muscles used for birthing

  • preventing prolapse by equipping the pelvic floor

  • giving agility to whole body

  • utilizing breathing techniques used in labor and birth

  • aiding in sleep

I teach most of my sessions under the sky, so you can get all the yummy sun benefits. (If that’s not your thing, I teach indoor as well.) Location is up to you!

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