Meet liv

Hello! I'm so happy life has led you here.

I'm Liv, the creator and owner of Eden House, bursting with a purpose to help create, serve, and nourish the earth by empowering women to confidently walk through life rooted in truth and an unshakable identity. Eden House was designed to serve that purpose and was built from the spillings of my heart as I've discovered what I like to call Eden

Women with a desire to bring life to this earth, whether it be through the birth of your children [past, present, future], or through your dreams, your voice, your hands, and your heart, this space is for you. 

I currently live a joy-filled, rewilded life in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA with my husband and best friend, Michael. Together we like to make music, go on hikes with our dog, Titan, and explore the best brunch spots in the city; biscuits anyone?! You'll find that I spend most of my days drinking way too much coffee [because babies aren't on that 9-5 time clock, ha!] and serving the families of my community as a professional doula, aspiring midwife, mentor, yogi, herbal beauty crafter, and friend! I'm fueled by my passion to see women create, birth, and build their families on a foundation of evidence-based education, empowerment, unconditional love, and total freedom. I owe my love of birth and family to my mother, who instilled in me the irreplaceable beauty of babies, the belief that birth is a body + soul + spirit experience, and the art of true mothering. 

Becoming and working as a Certified Professional Doula is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I have ever done in my life. I have attended and served over 100 birth experiences in the community of Metro Atlanta! I love this work and I am devoted to building upon my academic foundations through continued coursework to better serve my clients. In 2017, I decided to enroll in Midwives College of Utah to pursue becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. While obtaining this degree, I have the pleasure of being a student midwife for DawningLife Midwifery. A dream come true. 

I love names and finding the God-purpose in the seemingly insignificant. My name, Olivia, is derived from the latin word for "olive tree"; which is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity and signifies an offer of peace. Neat, right?! I've carried those simple words, fruitful, beauty, dignity, and offer of peace, with me throughout life and they're at the foundation of everything I put my hands to. I'm confident that no matter what brought you to Eden House - pregnancy, birth, yoga, herbal goods, or just a friend passing through - you won't leave without bumping into a seed of worth, peace, and beauty, that will bear fruit for years to come!  



eden house

“And He will make her wilderness like Eden, And her
desert like the garden of the Lord; Joy and gladness will be found in her,
Thanksgiving and the voice of a melody.”

— ISAIAH 51:3

finding eden

It seems like all the moments of my life and my own personal journey of discovering Eden have been working together to birth this space - Eden House - and it's the beginning of a God-sized dream I've been carrying in my heart since I was 15. I've been learning that God likes process and he doesn't give us impossible "yeah right, who me?" dreams and desires to tease us. He gives us them so we can lean in, trust, rest, and see Him for who He really is while it all unfolds before us. He's a dream un-folder [yes, I made up that word]. We don't have to chase it down or make it happen. Just sit with Him. Rest. Obey. And repeat. I guess that's how I found myself so transfixed on this idea of Eden. While sitting with Him, talking about a dream, I found this invitation into Something and Someone Greater than all my dreams combined. 

And that's what I'm calling Eden; an invitation into the heart of God. A place to behold, become, and be. A place where all the striving, selfish ambition, identity/purpose confusion, fear, doubt, and to-do lists that keep us absent from everyone and everything [except our social accounts] disappear. A place to live in intended identity and explore endless beauty and perfect intimacy. A place to discover His dreams are seriously a billion times more fulfilling than anything you could birth on your own.  A place to plant your feet and build your house, so that life is experienced in the fullness of it's miraculous, creative, and wild design.

I want the Something Greater, Heaven on Earth kind of life. I want the house [body+soul] I inhabit to be a house of peace, beauty, holiness, joy, goodness, love. A house intimate with a Creator. A house filled to the brim with power. A house on a hill, dripping with Light. A house that bears fruit in all seasons. A house that turns deserts into gardens. A house that might just look a little bit like Eden.

An Eden House.