meet elli

doula apprentice +
capturing heart photographer +
mothering arts postpartum facilitator

Hi! I’m Elli! I was born and raised in a small-town right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I have always been an old soul - I like anything vintage and enjoy getting creative while blasting Tom Petty or Queen. My love for creativity landed me in the world of cosmetology, but life shifted (in the most beautiful way) and I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, Lily. I was never the same! In 2010, I married my husband, Jeremiah and shortly after we purchased my childhood home and continued in building a family of our own. I love the feeling of family and the feeling of home. Although don’t get me wrong, 6 kiddos later…my home and the feelings (laundry + toddlers) within it aren’t always feeling lovely! But this where coffee comes into play. Chasing babies + sipping caramel lattes + capturing moments. Yep, this is how I spend my days.

Building, birthing, and raising 6 children alongside my husband, has taught us the beauty of true community. And to me, community is a place where we come to not only be supported ourselves but to extend beyond ourselves and support others. With each pregnancy and birth that I have had, the more I have become aware of what I have always been created to do - to serve women through their journey into motherhood. I believe from my own birth stories, that pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are the most transformative experiences in a woman’s life, should she allow them to be. And those three things - pregnancy, birth, and motherhood - are a package deal, building upon the other to fulfill a purpose beyond a woman’s wildest dreams. (Yes, even better than the “wild” dream of a spotless house or full nights sleep.)

I started Capturing Heart Photography and began a collaboration with Eden House in the spring of 2019. My vision is simple: serving mothers and capturing heart. I have always had a love for photography and capturing the heart moments of birth + motherhood. However, I find that photographers are often disconnected to the actual moments they are capturing. (“Fly on the wall” is the token term that comes to mind.) And don’t get me wrong, that works for some people. I just know for me, my heart is burning for more than the snap of the camera. I want to support with women. I want to build community with women. I want to be hands on serving women. Becoming a Certified Doula is the next step in this journey and I am looking forward to the doula apprenticeship with Eden House as well as my training through Birth Arts International. I am hopeful to be marrying my passion of photography with my passion of doula support.

xoxo elli


meet morgan

doula apprentice

Hello! I’m Morgan! My road to becoming a doula started before I even had the words to explain it. I grew up in a loving family of very strong and powerful women and mothers. This upbringing is no doubt the foundation of what I have come to know as my purpose in life. A purpose calling me to be in the service of women and their families. What better way to do that than to serve right at the root of it all? Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. In my opinion, it all starts there.

This calling only grew stronger and stronger, so in 2018 I decided to enroll in the Birth Arts International Doula Certification Program. As a student of BIA, I am further equipping myself with heart and hand tools to ensure that every mother I work with has the birth she desires. I firmly believe that every mother’s journey is as unique as they are. Every mother deserves to be listened to, empowered, and respected in every part of the childbearing year. I intend to fulfill that belief and provide a safe space for each individual process to unfold.

I live a very blessed life with my enormous family. We love to love everyone and everything, so we spend our days doing just that everywhere we go. We are happy at any place that fits us all - (party of 26 and counting)! When I am not serving my community as a doula, you may find me collecting vinyl records or enjoying a warm weathered day at the lake. I keep it pretty simple. I also love books! Right now I am reading and soaking up all that I can about the childbearing year. You can never know too much about pregnancy, births, and babies, right? 

I believe birth is an intimate, honored, and sacred journey. And nothing brings me more joy than the opportunity to serve that journey.

xoxo Morgan