standard doula:


Services provided by Liv pitts

+founder of eden house

+b.a.i. Certified Professional Doula

+over 150 birth experiences attended

  • One Prenatal Appointment

  • Provide Evidence-based Information & Resources on Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum

  • Discuss Comfort Measures, Pain Coping Techniques, & Interventions

  • 24/7 Phone & Email Support (from date hired-six weeks postpartum)

  • Continuous On-site Birth Support (from early-active labor through two hours after birth)

  • Guaranteed Back-up Doula Support

  • One Postnatal Appointment

treat yourself:

price varies

Liv is happy to provide the following as additional or individual services

  • Lunch with your Doula ($30)

  • Prenatal Support & Childbirth Education (2 Hour Meeting – $100)

  • Prenatal Yoga (1 Hour Private Session $45)

  • Prenatal Massage (1 Hour Massage – $75)

  • Postnatal Appointment ($60)

  • Postpartum Gift Basket ($100)

Not seeing what you need?
Need a doula last minute?
Want a doula + photographer in one?
Interested in prenatal yoga sessions, but already have all the support you need?
Only need breastfeeding support?

No worries! I understand and honor that each pregnancy and birth is unique and each family will have different needs. 

I am happy and able to tailor any of our services to your specific needs/desires. 

Let’s meet face to face. The coffee is on me. :)