certified doula:


  • One Prenatal Appointment

  • Provide Evidence-based Information & Resources on Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum

  • Discuss Comfort Measures, Pain Coping Techniques, & Interventions

  • 24/7 Phone & Email Support (from date hired-six weeks postpartum)

  • Continuous On-site Birth Support (from early-active labor through two hours after birth)

  • Guaranteed Back-up Doula Support

  • One Postnatal Appointment

treat yourself:

price varies

Liv is happy to provide the following as additional or individual services

  • Lunch with your Doula ($30)

  • Prenatal Support & Childbirth Education (2 Hour Meeting – $100)

  • Prenatal Yoga (1 Hour Private Session $45)

  • Gentle Massage & Rebozo Session + (1-2 Hour Meeting– $100)

  • Postnatal Appointment ($60)

  • Postpartum Gift Basket ($100)

Not seeing what you need?
Need a doula last minute?
Want to work with an apprentice for a discounted rate?
Want a doula + photographer in one?
Interested in prenatal yoga sessions, but already have all the support you need?

No worries! We understand and honor that each pregnancy and birth is unique and each family will have different needs. 

We are happy and able to tailor any of our services to your specific needs/desires. 

Let’s meet face to face. The coffee is on us. :)