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Childbirth at Eden house is recognized as a key life experience that calls to the depths of woman's strength, power, and courage. Birth is seen to be not only about the making of a baby; but about the making of a mother, a father, and a family.  Eden House Birth Services strive to support the mother and family's birth experience through evidence-based education and informed choice. Each service is deigned to empower and nourish the whole woman - body, soul, and spirit - as she navigates the sacredness of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond.



Prenatal doula   $500

  • Two prenatal visits 
  • Two private prenatal yoga sessions 
  • Provide evidence-based information & resources on pregnancy, birth, & postpartum
  • Discuss comfort measures & interventions
  • Access to my doula library & birth tools (if available)
  • 24/7 phone & email support from date hired-four weeks postpartum
  • One hospital visit after birth
  • One postnatal visit at your home
  • Postpartum Gift Basket

labor & birth doula   $900

  • Three or four prenatal visits (depending on date of hire)
  • Bimonthly private prenatal yoga sessions 
  • One or two prenatal massages (depending on date of hire)
  • Provide evidence-based information & resources on pregnancy, birth, & postpartum
  • Discuss comfort measures & interventions
  • Access to my doula library & birth tools
  • Help prepare and plan for immediate postpartum
  • 24/7 phone & email support from date hired-six weeks postpartum
  • Continuous on site support from early-active labor through two hours after birth
  • Guaranteed back-up doula support
  • One postnatal visit at your home
  • Postpartum Gift Basket
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postpartum doula   $20/hr

(In home assistance from birth-six months)

  • Discuss newborn care &  maternal wellness
  • Offer breastfeeding support & education 
  • Caring for baby while parents rest
  • Light housekeeping
  • Cooking & meal planning
  • Running errands

**Postpartum Doula Services differ from those of a nanny or housekeeper. While some duties may overlap, such as newborn care & folding newborn clothes, doulas are there primarily as educators, with the newborn and mother the priority.


Build your own doula   (price varies)

Not seeing what you need? Need a doula last minute? Interested in prenatal yoga sessions, but already have all the support you need? Only need breastfeeding support? No worries! I understand and honor that each pregnancy and birth is unique and each family will have different needs. I am happy and able to tailor any of Eden House' services to your specific desires. 

Placenta services  (price varies)

I'm happy to help my clients rediscover the ancient rituals and traditions involving the placenta and help decide which best suits their family and living circumstances. Want more info? Book your free consultation and let's chat!

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kind words

I was so glad to have Olivia as my doula for the birth of second child, Clayton. She was a tremendous help to my husband and I before and after the birth. The prenatal massage she provided was incredible and helped ease the growing discomforts of my 3rd trimester. She also helped a lot with my first feedings and assisted me in getting a proper latch, since there was not a lactation consultant available. Olivia is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth and she conducts herself in a very professional manner. She was so kind to everyone involved in my birth and she brought light to the whole birth experience!
— Ashley T.
Olivia was just the support my husband and I needed for the birth of our beautiful son! From the moment I met her, I knew I wanted her to be part of my birth. She is a natural born doula and I know my birth wouldn’t have been the same without her...she helped us achieve the natural birth we had always dreamed of. Having her know-how, her guidance, and her peaceful and compassionate presence there was really reassuring. As soon as she walked in the door, she was hands on and easing my discomforts. She did guided breathing with me, massaged me, and verbally affirmed me in ways that made me actually believe I COULD REALLY DO THIS! She really helped me overcome the fear of birth and trust my body! She supported my husband by showing him massage and rebozo techniques to incorporate into the labor...those also helped tremendously! He was so appreciative of her giving him tips and boosts of confidence along the way! The whole experience was just perfect!! If you’re thinking about getting a doula (and you should), Olivia’s your girl!
— Sierra S.
I loved having Olivia at my birth of my son, Shane. I chose to give birth in a hospital setting and Olivia’s gifts flowed effortlessly there. She had a very peaceful presence and helped to maintain a calm atmosphere throughout the labor and birth. She really took my comfort seriously and I was especially impressed with the strength of her double hip squeeze; it helped me so much during the transition period of my labor. She stayed with me the whole way through, right in the thick of it, while also respecting the intimacy of my family. I would highly recommend using Olivia as your doula! You will not regret it!
— Elizabeth G.



Liv - The Eden House Doula

Providing professional doula support to the families of Metro Atlanta! Wherever and however you intend to give birth [in the hospital, in your home], [no drugs, some drugs, all the drugs], you can count on me to be by your side through it all. Nothing is more precious to me than knowing you are championed with unconditional love and support and your choices are empowered and respected. C'mon! Let's burst through those doors of motherhood with confidence and grace! 

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