Full Time Eden


My little Eden friends,

Summer is whisking by. A time that is usually for settling down and catching a slower pace has been anything but for me. No complaints. Just wasn't my season for chilling out. Weather and work wise. GA heat can bite me.

Today, I am sitting in a coffee shop, after my ten billionth time of swearing off coffee, thinking of all that has happened in this Eden loop since it launched in January. For me, it's been pretty seamless, one day blending into the next without much thought. For others, I'm not sure how seamless it has been. There is a lot of what the heck are you doing exactly?! And I get it. I'm not the best communicator. Mix that with a type B, right-brained, ENFP personality, and a grand hunger for change/adventure, and here we are. I've got close people in my life thinking all sorts of things about Eden House. Someone thought I was taking a job as a DOCTOR at a hospital. LOL. Should've ran with that. Another thought I was packing up and moving to Utah. Totally wish. And another, my favorite, thought I was making adult x-rated lovemaking products in the Shop. Yes, turns out the Boobie Butter - made for mama's and their nursing breasts, has been perceived as something quite different. This is my life. SOS. 

It's over due. Time to explain for the newbies, and the oldies, what I'm doing, and where I'm going when concerning Eden House. So let me begin.

I launched Eden House in January of this year. A business devoted to inviting women to a life birthed in wholeness; a life lived free and alive in the confidence of true identity; a life experienced in the fullness of its miraculous, creative, and wild design. ALL with a focus on my Birth Services and the Eden House Shop. Small beginnings.

Those two things are still going strong.

These are the services I offer the community as a Certified Professional Doula and Birth Lover. I'm offering a variety of Birth Services that you can read all about: HERE.

This is currently where I sell all of my handmade botanical beauty products (not things you find in Spencers) and collaborate with other local artisans who share my heart. I recently hired an assistant to help run the Shop. We are now taking the Shop to the streets and to select stores around the Metro-Atlanta area. It's fun fun fun! You can check out the Shop and it's vision: HERE. 

Those two things won't be going anywhere. They both serve the bigger picture of Eden House, the nonprofit. What's that? Oh so, glad you asked. I'm writing a blog series called, Finding Eden, on just that. You can read the latest one by clicking the button below. 

Moving onward. I'm not moving to Utah. November of 2017, through just totalllllly ordered crazy Eden steps, I entered into a Midwifery Apprenticeship with DawningLife Midwifery right outside of Atlanta. The apprenticeship is coupled with an academic program at Midwives College of Utah. So yes, the school is in Utah, but it's a distance based program and I am only required to go there for clinical assessments 3x's a year. HELLO WEST USA - I'VE MISSED YOU AND I WELCOME YOU INTO MY LIFE 3 TIMES A YEAR WITH OPEN ARMS. A huge reason why I picked the school in the first place, excuse to travel, duh.

I'll graduate with a Masters of Science in Midwifery which will be so fun to say. Jk again. Totally will be chill about it and totally won't post a cap and gown pic of me at 29. YOU'RE WELCOME.

I'm going to school so that I can obtain my CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) and only then will I be working as a midwife. :) Doula and student midwife in the meantime. Which makes for lots and lots of births. Like 10 a month. Zombie status.

Yes, my hands are in a lot of different pots. From the outside looking in, it looks crazy. But from the inside, it's all marrying together really really effortlessly and beautifully. Supernatural.

When I started this all in January, I was still working side jobs, outside the scope of Eden House, to make money. My goal was to transition to being full time Eden House by August. And it happened. Doesn't quite have the punch attached to it, when I typed it out just then, and I'll spare the caps for the aesthetic. But maybe read that again and visualize confetti poppers and fireworks going off and someone walking by with complimentary Rose' on a platter and little roasted brie. Oh, and you're in France. Andddddd go.

My goal was to transition to being full time Eden House by August. And it happened.

Eeek. My little heart chambers can barely stand it. 

All thanks to YOU. Whether you've been a doula client, a Shop customer, a friend, family member, a husband (just one), or a holder of space, believer, sower, prayer, encourager, etc. - YOU have been the hands and feet of Eden House. I thank you. Times a trillion universes. I thank you.

Things move fast and change often around here. But, I do want to share a baby idea of what I'll be doing the rest of the year.

  • School. Blah.

  • Lots of Eden House Shop Festivals & Popup Stores & Vendor Collaborations.

  • Serving women and their families through the Birth Services.

  • Student mid-wife-ing. My favorite.

  • Bellies, birth and babies; and pictures of me with babies. Lots of those. Sorry not sorry.

  • Networking and team building for both the Shop and the Birth Services as my focus moves more towards Eden House the nonprofit and Midwifery. Looking for new faces - they will be needed.

  • Michael and I still saving money for land. Again. Blah. Take me to Europe pls.

  • Daily heart talks with God about timing and steps to take when it comes to the nonprofit.

  • Babies. More pictures of me with babies. Just expect it.

  • Drinking coffee. But coupled with the forever struggle to give it up.

  • Making friends, loving hard, building God connections, investing in the Kingdom, giving giving, giving, living, asking for help, laughing, hugging, dreaming, sleeping, and more sleeping, meditating, handstanding, singing, deep breathing, etc.

  • AND laying all of the above at Jesus' feet every single waking moment.

It's all His. Every bit of me. And every bit of this.


Until next time,