Growing Bellies, Birth, & Breakfast

Hi, there! Welcome to the Eden House blog. Your virtual space to find all the stories of Eden House. Here we go.

I'm Liv. I'm trying hard not to type in exclamation points. (!!!) Why? You ask. Because this is actually happening. Eden House, a heart-child I've had for the past year is no longer this abstract idea floating around in dreamland. It's reality and it's awesome x's a billion.

The past year of my life has been a perfect mixture of effort and rest. I will note that it took me a while to learn that rest should precede effort. Always. That's how you get places. How you find dreams you didn't even know you had fall into your lap. I'm serious. There is something supernatural about rest, about being where you are and learning to behold the One who is always present. It's changed my life. 

I should warn you. I'm not much of a writer and I use way too many periods. But, I think you'll like it here; especially, if you like:

growing bellies, birth, & breakfast.

Not bellies growing from breakfast. Although, I definitely have a personal story about that #biscuits. But, this isn't a post about weight loss (read as "gain"). And you're welcome.

Really though. If you enjoy all things pregnancy, birth, and motherhood; women discovering freedom, bravery, rest, and purpose. If you breathe authenticity and have a fire in your bones for something bigger than YOU. If you like drinking in the beauty of the earth, and value the art of being present. If you believe in your gut that happy endings are for everyone. If you are a laugher, a dreamer, a maker, a lover and friend. Then you've come to the right place.

Now settle in. There's something here for you. 


Until next time,