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Hello pretties,

I am thrilled to be launching the very first Eden House birth story. (YAY!) My hope with this series of posts it to shine light on the very fabric of life, and the wondrous women who facilitate it. I think we can all glean, grow, and find inspiration from storytelling. All of these stories will be woven together with themes of surrender, faith, and courage, and the understanding that birth is a body, soul, and spirit phenomena; and when harnessed in it's fullness, truly and miraculously transforming. 

Let's get started. 

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This is Part I of a sequence of posts I am writing called Plant Power. Hope you Enjoy.

I will tell you up front, I haven't always cared about things like this. Earth. Natural remedies. Clean living. Herbs. Etc. Up until a few years ago, I was as far as "natural" as they come. I would have read a blog like this with low-fat Doritos in hand, thinking I was doing myself a favor. Seriously! The only "herb" that made it into my weekly routine was tea...the Kroger brand...with 2 heaping cups of sugar. I was an all natural southern belle, you could say. And to think that medicine could come from a plant? Yeah, right. I remember the first time I heard about essential oils. Literally thought it was voodoo. Two drops of clary sage and a little bit of peppermint oil for my pms. Ok, mhm. Doubt it. Pass the Midol, please.

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Doulas! Are They Worth the Investment?

Expecting a baby? Congratulations! Or maybe you're not currently pregnant, but know it's something you desire in the future; congratulations to you, too!

Being a woman is awesome. Better than awesome. And having the power to build a life with your body is crazy miraculous and way too special to be overlooked. So congratulations to all you mama's out there [present + future]. This post is for you. You're creating, building, and nourishing this earth one breath at a time. That's reason enough to get a little praise. 

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