shop faves - house scrub

Hey friends,

​​​​​​​Here at the Eden House Shop, we love your skin almost as much as you do. We want our customers looking like they just popped off the cover of Vogue with skin so soft they'd make angels cry. However, we don't want you to have to cheat to get there. Photoshop, filters, face tuning apps; let those gimmicks be a thing of the past and step into the botanical wonderment of an Eden House skin care routine.

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Full Time Eden

My little Eden friends,

Summer is whisking by. A time that is usually for settling down and catching a slower pace has been anything but for me. No complaints. Just wasn't my season for chilling out. Weather and work wise. GA heat can bite me.

Today, I am sitting in a coffee shop, after my ten billionth time of swearing off coffee, thinking of all that has happened in this Eden loop since it launched in January.

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Shop Faves - House Butter (aloe)

Let me start by saying this; we haven’t been (aloe-ing) our dear aloe butter the hype it’s earned. So I’m going to dive into the beauty of aloe butter so we can tell everyone around us how life changing it really is. Read on, and you'll get a deal worth taking. No doubt.

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Finding Eden Part III

I'm writing this post because I want to remember this day forever. I want a tangible place, idk if the internet counts as tangible, but whatever...just a place to look back on this day in 30, 50, 90 years and be like that was the day it happened.

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