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The Lovely Benefits of Using Aloe Butter

Let me start by saying this; we haven’t been (aloe-ing) our dear aloe butter the hype it’s earned. So I’m going to dive into the beauty of aloe butter so we can tell everyone around us how life changing it really is. Read on, and you'll get a deal worth taking. No doubt.

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Eden Happenings

I'm writing this post because I want to remember this day forever. I want a tangible place, idk if the internet counts as tangible, but whatever...just a place to look back on this day in 30, 50, 90 years and be like that was the day it happened.

If you're thinking that thing that has happened is me finding out I'm pregnant - think again. Although, I have seriously been entertaining the thought of surrogacy lately. Seriously, my hormones are pulling for a pregnancy, no matter where it comes from. I was at a birth recently and literally was having LABOR PAINS with the mom; I needed my own doula or something. Idk, am I crazy? I just feel like a double hip squeeze would've been nice. The whole time I'm thinking if this continues I'm likely to have a full on let down when this baby gets here. SOS. I've never even breastfed. And clearly I'm losing it. It all just feels so close in those moments. But back to the point.

What happened?

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It's time for another birth story. My favorite kind of story.  My hope with this series of posts is to shine light on the very fabric of life, and the wondrous women who facilitate it. I think we can all glean, grow, and find inspiration from storytelling. All of these stories will be woven together with themes of surrender, faith, courage, and the understanding that birth is a body, soul, and spirit phenomena; and when harnessed in it's fullness, truly and miraculously transforming. 

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Finding Eden

It's surreal how fast time passes. Like surreal. And am I the only one who feels like each year seems to go by even faster than the last?! I mean, can someone tell me where did the first half of my twenties go?! Really, I'd like a pause button, please.

It feels like yesterday, I was just barely married playing house with my high school sweetheart, Michael, with no plan except to have no plan. Because when you get married at 19, you don't have plans. You're 19. And plans are for boring people, obviously. I'm kidding. Sort of.

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