apprenticeship agreement + contract

The Eden House Apprenticeship Opportunity is designed to help aspiring doulas improve their knowledge and skills while observing and collaborating with a professional doula/mentor, experiencing the reality of life as a doula. Apprentice Doulas are offered:

  • Monthly meetings and workshops with mentor, to help develop the doula skillset.

  • Personal guidance and feedback offered to improve growth and skillset.

  • An established business model to practice under.

  • Mandatory shadow experiences to observe Eden House consults, prenatals, births, and postpartms.

  • Mandatory mentor assistance at 1st 5 primary Eden House consults.

  • Mandatory mentor assistance at 1st 5 primary Eden House prenatal appointments.

  • Mentor assistance at 1st primary Eden House birth. And more if recommended or desired. Whether or not a mentor will attend the apprentice doula at the birth will be addressed on a case by case basis.

  • 24/7 email and phone access to your mentor.

  • Assistance in laying the foundation for a robust personal practice if desired.

  • Help in removing stress and establishing confidence in personal skillset.

The purpose of this Apprenticeship Agreement and Contract is to identify the training the Apprentice Doula is receiving outside of Eden House and the standards and expectations of the Apprentice Doula.

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