shop philosophy

The Eden House Shop draws inspiration from the raw, unfiltered wonders of earth and desires to curate all of its products from that unaltered state, with as little human intervention possible. From Earth; For Earth. 

All formulations are handcrafted personally by Liv, the founder and owner of Eden House. The Apothecary is an expression of deep love and respect for the natural world and all the products are crafted with intention, to help you live a healthier, more beautiful, and more vibrant life. Liv creates in small batches with loving care, planet wisdom, animal kindness, and a passion to be a low impact and earth conscious. She is proud to make all products at Eden House from organic and responsible wildcrafted ingredients when possible, including: cold pressed plant oils, therapeutic grade, steam distilled essential oils, and non-irradiated herbs, florals and botanicals.

Liv believes in the power of authentic and well-purposed ingredients and she integrates this belief into every Eden House product by choosing to source ingredients from organic and sustainable farms and businesses with fair trade and pricing conditions. She is passionate about holistic wellness being experienced in its full, miraculous, and wild design.